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Hip-hop's Down Beat (Time Magazine)

When the political activist Al Sharpton pivoted from his war against bigmouth radio man Don Imus to a war on bad-mouth gangsta rap, the instinct among older music fans was to roll their eyes and yawn.

One of America's Great Student Newspapers (The Pitt News)

The NFL needs an extreme makeover. There's enough crime in the NFL to make a whole new season of "The Sopranos." Football felons fog the image of the NFL, covering the league's vast success with a cloak of controversy.

Ray Stein's Mailbox: More thrifty Blue Jackets fans support team's financial restraint (The Columbus Dispatch)

Editor: I am amazed at some of the letters (last Sunday) regarding how much more money the CBJ should spend on players. After all, one would surmise that spending 5 million in salaries would guarantee a championship for a baseball team. The same reasoning should hold true for an NHL championship team in Columbus.

Pay-at-table gets diners out of the 'skim' of things (Louisville Courier-Journal)

It has become routine for customers to swipe their credit or debit cards at consoles in fast-food joints, gas stations and grocery stores. So why do we still willingly hand over our plastic at sit-down restaurants?

More Marshall Sports (The Charleston Gazette)

Search Results for sports betting tipTWENTY-FOUR days ago — seems like 24 weeks — Marshall defensive coordinator Steve Dunlap cracked a joke as he followed offensive counterpart Larry Kueck to the media-day podium.